venerdì 26 febbraio 2010

Something about me..

Something about me and about my passion for millinery..

I've studied to become a costume designer and I love everything about fashion and costume! I love to learn all the things concernig with these matters! I've always loved millinery and hats, and I discovered that my grandmother loved them like me!(something in my genes? ;)) Anyway for a lucky chance I had the possibility of working at The Costume Gallery at Palazzo Pitti in Florence on an archive of an old millinery.. In this way I have had the possibility of learning so many things about this world and so..I've started to make hair accessories always looking for new materials and technique! In this period I'm going to learn how to make silk flowers with vintage iron tools... Next step??Learn to make real hat of course!^^ Another passion is about fairy world..and all the flowers I used and feathers and butterflies etc. are perfect to represent it! As I come from costume experiences I'm even a sailor and dressmaker...unfortunately in this period I've not many time to maintain even this passion and so I concentrate all my freetime on making items for my "OnYourHead" project!

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